MY Mission

Create a story of paddle boarding the east coast of New Zealand that inspires more people to get out their and tackle their dreams.

The Break Down

  • 8000KM of Coastline

  • 90 Days

  • 9 Hours days

  • 9.8KM/Hour

  • Paddle during the day

  • Tent on the beaches

  • Go into towns when need to restock

My Inspiration

About 4 years ago I heard about this guy Brando that was walking the entire coastline, and I decided to join him for a few days. During these days the mission of trying to keep up with him was exhilarating and the effect it was having on his life was inspiring. From here I was determined to one day conquer Mount Everest. In 2016 I did an Outward Bound course, amongst this I meet an instructor named Nick. Nick changed my views on adventure and through hearing about his adventures and what made him happy my views changed from trying to climb the highest peak to doing something authentic and fun. In 2017 I Heard of a 17 year old that was tackling the length of NZ wanting to be the youngest to achieve it, what really inspired me was how he used to film to create a powerful story that transcends into the greater publics life. So now I am set to ride the coastline and tell the next inspiring story.


Set a start date and start, thats the key.
— Atawhai Charteris